GNSS (GPS), Global Navigation Satellite Systems

ASES supply the latest GPS, RTK Rovers, that track both GPS and Glonass Satellites we are able to survey and set out to Ordnance Datum Newlyn by means of the Ordnance Survey Geoid Model (OGSM02).

GNSS equipment has proved invaluable to us in surveying large areas of land and setting out roadworks

Using GNSS, enables rapid setting out and surveying of vast spaces, with the benefit of accuracy without having to set up an instrument and traverse survey control.

A common use of GPS is in establishing survey control to the Ordnance Survey National Grid, or creating new control where primary stations have been removed.

Setting Out:

  • Piling
  • Survey Control Networks
  • Survey to OS, Nationsl Grid
  • Solar Farms
  • Roads
  • Earthworks
  • Golf Course
  • Landscaping
  • Farms & Fields