Monitoring Surveys

Monitoring surveys offer clients the ability to identify and react to the movement of buildings, earthworks, structures, as well as natural features. Often an insurance against requirement third party claims, it is vital that instruments of the highest accuracy and standard of practice are adopted.

ASES has experience in the correct installation, monitoring and reporting for residential and commercial developments.

The use of high angular accuracy total stations and the ability to act rapidly, translates into a reliable, cost-efficient service that informs parties of any movement that might exceed specification trigger values. This is achieved simply with the use of reports and graphs.

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Vibration Monitoring

As with all our services, ASES utilise the latest technology in order to offer our clients high-quality and efficient work. Our remote vibration monitoring equipment continuously monitors and checks on the levels of any shocks and / or vibrations.

Our battery-powered devices, with wireless GSM communication, saves on installation time and money. They also provide real-time data that allows for quicker reactions to situations.

Our tri-axial geophones monitor any vibrations. If any vibrations reach alarm thresholds, notifications are sent in the form of text (SMS) or email messages.

Peak particle velocity (PPV), acceleration, velocity and displacement are measured within a frequency range – from 0.3Hz to 500Hz. All of the results are stored and can be viewed at any time via a secure web bureau, as an audit trail or graph format.

Types of Monitoring Surveys we offer:

  • Movement monitoring
  • Deformation monitoring
  • Precise levelling
  • Coastal erosion monitoring
  • Measuring over long periods or real-time
  • Ground water monitoring
  • 3D XYZ coordinate differences
  • Precision 3D evaluation
  • Crack monitoring
  • Automated monitoring