Primary and Secondary Control Networks

Primary and Secondary Control Networks

A control network (also known as a geodetic control network), comprises of fixed, identifiable points with published datum values attained from observations that link the points together.

A critical stage in any contract, precise control forms the basis of a reliable topographic and measured building survey, thus important to realise the significance of precise, control and level datums.

By correctly traversing survey control and applying any necessary corrections, a tight, error-free system can be assured. Local grids that are parallel to square gridlines and transformed CAD drawings can then be created to facilitate setting out.

The key to accurate and reliable setting out or surveying, is a three-dimensional network of control. Virtually all of our projects start with the establishment of control, ASES can provide and maintain control through the various phases of development.

With access to the Ordnance Survey, Great Britain’s national mapping agency, and by using Leica RTK rovers, we can quickly provide primary control in OS or carry the required survey in this grid.

The provisions of datums at the various stages of each project can be easily transferred where required – for example at brickwork stage, or for accurate height referencing for screeding at any floor level.

Whatever the requirement of our clients, ASES uses the latest calibrated instruments, ensuring that errors are minimised, from the whole to the part.