Topographical Surveys

Topographic Surveys serve to identify then map the contours of the ground and existing features on the earth’s surface. These detailed surveys also show physical structures, trees and vegetation, and boundary features.

ASES has vast experience in carrying out accurate and cost-effective topographic surveys for a wide range of sectors and clients. These include architects, developers, private individuals, building contractors and designers.

Our surveys can range from basic back-garden surveys (which enable planning applications and landscaping work), to entire streetscape surveys that incorporate underground utility surveys.

Car Park - Topographical Extract

The Right Equipment for any job

We strive to to improve our services by always utilising the latest surveying technology. Our ‘one man’ robotic Leica instruments allow us to accelerate the survey process, combined with reflectorless technology, it ensures that all measurements can be recorded accurately, remotely as well as safely.

We are flexible with the delivery of our data. All drawings can be co-ordinated to local / arbitrary grid or by means of our supplied GPS, RTK rovers we can fix the survey to the Ordnance Survey national grid and level datum.

Survey drawings can be output to 2D or 3D, and delivered in either DWG, DXF or PDF formats.

Typical Topographical detail:

  • Boundary walls or fences.
  • Existing Building Footprint perimeter
  • Spot levels to eaves, parapets and ridges.
  • Spot levels around the immediate perimeter at 10m intervals – including pavements, kerbs, roads, and adjacent land.
  • Location and height on service and drainage covers.
  • Trees / hedges / shrubs – identifying finer details like height, species, trunk and spread.
  • Ditches, ponds and waterways.

Position of survey control / datums.

  • Additional detail may include:
  • Drainage and service invert levels
  • Underground services
  • Contour levels at intervals
  • Volumetrics